These are some of the interesting links which I have encountered during my web browsing. Suggestions for additional links of an inspirational or personal nature are always appreciated, contact me at mymail. is a very interesting website that is maintained by Rob Nugen, my son.
David Bohm, via the Shavano Institute and Will Keepin, PhD. David Bohm (1923-1992) was a world renowned physicist who made many contributions to our understanding of both matter and mind. He proposed one of the first Quantum Reality threories (the Holographic Universe) and was instrumental in bringing a much broader perspective of thought to "how it all works". Robert Gandrup is a fellow traveler on the road to helping us become fully conscious and to integrate our inner spirituality into all phases of our lives.
American Society of Dowsers The American Society of Dowsers is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering and expanding our knowledge of the art of dowsing. The ASD sponsors numerous conventions and conferences each year. Dowsing is taught at all these events.
University Of Santa Monica The University of Santa Monica is Graduate level university dedicated to establishing the principles and practices of Spiritual Psychology worldwide through the process of Soul-centered education.
Kalpataru Books The Kalpataru is the Wish Fulfilling Tree, a mythical tree in Paradise, under whose branches anyone may sit and wish for anything, and it will come to pass. Kalapataru Books is a full-service on-line bookstore specializing in books by David Bohm and other books on the dialogue process.
Kathy's Inspirational Message I just like this one.
Curious Cat Books  An interesting and informative on-line bookstore, with references to David Bohm, heartcentered busines management and relationships with some interesting and funny graphics.